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To achieve a combination of income and capital growth by investing in companies around the world.

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Performance projection and risk

Our projected returns are calculated using the same approach as big financial services companies use when they're managing their own money. They take take full account of all charges.

Over 10 yrs Return Value
8.66% £47,569
3.32% £27,862
-2.03% £16,320

Read more about the risks of investing, try our risk/return explorer or find out about how we calculate projections.

No-one can predict what the stock market is going to do and projections are only based on the balance of probability. This portfolio is classified as very high risk/return and you may get back less than you put in. Projections are useful, but they are not reliable indicators of future performance. The "bad case" is not the same as "worst case":

  • There is a one in six chance that returns will be better than the good case
  • There is a one in six chance that returns will be worse than the bad case

Free SmarterCare

SmarterCare is our free investment risk and performance monitoring service. Its powerful algorithms will check up on your investment every single day and send you an email if any of its alerts are triggered.

It’s completely free to you (we pay for it out of the flat 1.93% pa charge for investing with us) and you can read more about SmarterCare here. But if you'd prefer not to have SmarterCare you can choose to opt out when you set up your account.

The daily review covers five key things:

  1. Projected returns: whether other investments in our comparison tables have significantly better projected returns
  2. Performance: the recent performance of your investment
  3. Target: whether your investment is on track to meet the targets you've specified
  4. Risk / return: whether the risk/return profile of your investment has changed because:
    • there is now a significant risk of loss between now and your target date
    • market conditions are unusually volatile
    • the mix of your investment has drifted over time into a different risk / return category
  5. Charges: whether other investments in our comparison tables have significantly lower charges

One thing SmarterCare won’t do is send you junk email. There are thresholds on each item to make sure we only alert you if it's really worth it.

SmarterCare uses the same techniques as big financial services companies use to manage their own money, but it does not provide advice and you still make all your own decisions on what to do. We use sophisticated actuarial technology and we're the only people making this sort of powerful service available directly to consumers.


A breakdown of the charges for this investment is below. There are no other charges. You can switch funds, cash in your investment or transfer it to another provider for free at any time.

Annual Initial Other
Total charge 1.93% 0% None
Platform charges 0.79% 0% None
Our charge 0.50% 0% None
Cofunds' charge 0.29% 0% None
Fund managers' charges 1.14% 0% None
Aberdeen World Equity I Fund Acc 1.14% 0% None

We make no initial charge on any of our investments. However, funds do incur dealing costs which they may pass on to you (at cost). Often these are free because funds get big economies of scale and can net trades off against each other, but if they do apply they are typically between 0% and 2% as a one-off cost.

The fund managers' charges apply on a fund-by-fund basis. The total shown is based on the initial proportion invested in each fund.

Everything online, safe and secure

With our easy to use online account you get everything in one place. No more lost paperwork. No more hassle.

From your account you can do all the standard things you'd expect to be able to do like:

  • View your balance and recent transactions
  • Pay money in, take money out, change direct debits and switch money between funds
  • Update your address, bank and other details

But, because you're with Smarterly, you'll also find thing you might not expect like:

  • Up-to-date "good case" vs "bad case" projections of what your investment might be worth in future
  • The latest results of our daily SmarterCare review of you investment
  • All your documents in one, easy-to-find, place
  • Tools to help you if you want to change the target for your investment or change its level of risk/return

And our robust security measures mean you can be confident your money is safe and secure.

Your account


This is not a portfolio that has been diversified by our algorithms.

This is the standard Key Information Document for Aberdeen World Equity I Fund Acc and is aimed at retail investors.

However, we buy funds wholesale on your behalf, which means that we may have negotiated better terms than stated in this document. In particular:

  • The minimum investment is a £100 lump sum or £50 per month, and this can be spread across multiple funds.
  • There are no initial charges on any funds bought via us.

We do not accept any commission or other payments from fund managers. Our only income comes from flat 1.93% charge you pay for investing with us.

Fund Objective KII
Aberdeen World Equity I Fund Acc To achieve a combination of income and capital growth by investing in companies around the world.... Key Investor Info

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