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Why do Smarterly not charge for Junior ISAs?

We do not currently charge for Junior ISAs. This means that you only pay the fund manager charges, which makes our Junior ISAs the cheapest on the market!

If you contribute the full Junior ISA allowance every year, this is most likely to be worth an incredible extra £10,000 over 18 years. Ie if the value of the investment would have been £110,000 it would instead be £120,000.

We would like to say that we're doing this because we're a family-friendly company who understand that everyone wants the best for their children. This is true, but there is another reason...

Our administration partner, Cofunds, usually only administers Junior ISAs for people as part of much larger portfolios of investments. Their systems are set up to not charge for them, because they make their money on the other investments.

We've managed to negotiate with Cofunds to get access to these Junior ISAs for our customers, but the deal was that if they were not to charge, then we would not charge either.

So there you go. That's why our Junior ISAs are the cheapest on the market!

(PS - we're not sure how long Cofunds will keep this offer open, so act now to avoid disappointment!)

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