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All about general investments?

General investments are investments without any special tax advantages. Because of this, you would usually only make a general investment if you've already used up your full ISA allowance (20,000 for 2019/20).

Key things to know about general investments are:

  • Tax benefits They do not have the tax benefits of ISAs and you may have to pay tax on investment income and gains
  • Putting money in There is no upper limit on the amount you can invest in a general investment
  • Getting money out The money can be withdrawn at any time, although they are generally used for longer term investment (more than 5 years).
  • Risk and return Investments will probably provide higher returns than cash savings in the long term, but there is a risk that you get back less than you put in. Our risk/return explorer can help work out if investing is for you.
  • Minimum investment The minimum investment is £100 or a monthly amount of £50 by direct debit or £50 via payroll.

For more details, see Part 3 "Key features of investment funds" of the Cofunds key information document.

Free SmarterCare investment monitoring

All investments held via Smarterly benefit from our free SmarterCare investment risk and performance monitoring service.

SmarterCare's powerful algorithms will check up on your investment every single day and send you an email if any of its alerts are triggered.

Everything in one place

All your investments with Smarterly show up in your account area of our website.

From your account you can do all the standard things you'd expect to be able to do, and a few that you might not, like up-to-date "good case" vs "bad case" projections of what the investment might be worth in future.

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