Common questions

  1. Why do the Smarterly comparison tables show portfolios as well as individual funds?
  2. Why doesn't Smarterly provide star ratings or best buys?
  3. Does Smarterly put the investments that pay the most commission at the top of the comparison tables?
  4. How are the Smarter Mix portfolios in the comparison tables selected?
  5. Does Smarterly cover all possible investments?
  6. How can Smarterly provide an ISA invested in more than one fund manager?
  7. What we do
  8. SmarterCare
  9. Get in touch
  10. Does Smarterly provide advice?
  11. How does Smarterly make money?
  12. How does Smarterly tell-a-friend work?
  13. How frequent are statements?
  14. How secure is the Smarterly website?
  15. Is Smarterly the only company to provide an ISA invested in more than one fund manager?
  16. What discounts do I get for large investments?
  17. What happens when I invest through Smarterly?
  18. Who are Cofunds?
  19. Why do you need my national insurance number?
  20. Will Smarterlys send me a tax statement?
  21. How does transferring an investment to Smarterly work?
  22. Does Smarterly support joint investments?
  23. When can I access my money?
  24. How much is my ISA allowance?
  25. SmarterCare has sent me an alert, what should I do?
  26. Why didn't SmarterCare tell me an investment with slightly higher projected returns is available?
  27. Why didn't SmarterCare tell me an investment with slightly lower charges is available?
  28. Why didn't SmarterCare tell me earlier that my investment isn't going to hit its target?
  29. Why didn't SmarterCare tell my investment has been performing badly compared to some other funds?
  30. Is "bad case" the same as "worst case"?
  31. Does Smarterly base projected returns on past performance?
  32. How do big financial services companies invest their money?
  33. How does Smarterly calculate projected returns?
  34. Is it best to invest in a portfolio of funds or an individual fund?
  35. What is diversification?
  36. Where is the money in my ISA invested?
  37. All about general investments
  38. All about ISAs
  39. All about Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds
  40. Does Smarterly offer "stocks and shares" ISAs or "cash" ISAs?
  41. How does investing in funds work?
  42. How much is my ISA allowance?
  43. How much risk should I take?
  44. How much tax do I pay on an ISA?
  45. How should I choose my investments?
  46. Useful links
  47. What are all the different types of charges on investments?
  48. What are all these different types of investments?
  49. What are the risks of investing?
  50. What are the total investment costs incurred by funds?
  51. What happens to the dividends on shares when I invest in a fund?
  52. What is a bid offer spread?
  53. What is a dilution levy?
  54. What is a total expense ratio?
  55. What is an ISA?
  56. What is the difference between a fund and a portfolio?
  57. What is the link between risk and projected return?
  58. Why do Smarterly not charge for Junior ISAs?
  59. What's the difference between ISAs and NISAs?
  60. How are investments taxed?
  61. What are the trading costs of investing in funds?
  62. How do I complain to Smarterly?
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